Factors to Consider When Choosing an Estimating Software

Estimating projects is one of the essential tasks for a contractor to earn profit. Before, contractors calculate this manually which takes a lot of time and is prone to errors. Nowadays, this task is made easy through the use of estimating or takeoff program. All the calculations are done by the computer which makes it more accurate, reliable and have lesser errors.

Choosing good estimating software is important to be assured that all your calculations are correct and can be trusted. With all the software available in the market today, finding one that suits you and your business is challenging. Here are the basic factors to consider that would help you choose the best estimating software for you.


One of the key factors to look for in estimating software is its usability. If the software is easy to understand and use, the contractor is most likely to use it frequently to aid him in his work. Not all contractors are that tech savvy so it is always best to choose one that is easy to use for everyone. Also, if you need an outside team to maintain and keep the software running, it might not be that easy to use later on. Usability means that it makes their daily tasks easier and simpler, not adding to the burden of the entire sales process. Buildxact takeoff program is designed to help you manage jobs more efficiently and conveniently no matter where you are. Try and see the difference for yourself.


Increased efficiency is an important feature of estimating software. It should be able to store documents, be mobile enabled and is more accessible. When creating a quote for a client, it is easier and faster if you have all the essential documents at hand. Make sure that the document library of your estimating software is easy to access, organize and update in just a few minutes.

Mobile enabled estimating software is popular today because it allows the contractor to use it everywhere on their mobile devices. It is now easy to collaborate with all the workers involved in the project anytime and anywhere they are.

Increased Revenues

Basically, an increase in revenue is the result of usable and more efficient estimating software. Good estimating software can generate professional outputs at a short time, making it easier to seal a deal. Speed is an important factor in almost every type of business. For example, when a client asks for quote, he is more likely to be impressed and trust a contractor that responds quickly to all his inquiries. One thing to look for in estimating software is that it should be able to streamline the sales process in general.


Although this is one of the least among all the factors to consider, each company differ in their budget allocation for estimating software. When choosing one, be sure to inquire about the support needed to implement the system and how much it is so you can add it to the total cost.

With these factors, finding a good software that suits your company best would be a stress-free process.

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