2019 Workspace Trends to Watch For

In today’s fast-paced world, everything has been subjected to innovation. From the food you eat to the products you use to the places you go to. Indeed, innovation is just around the corner. In fact, even the workspaces where you work has also been subjected to innovation. Gone are the traditional way of setting up offices with small yet tall cubicles. The stiff vibe has been altered into something more engaging. Trends about workspaces even emerged in the process. That is why, below is a list of trends to watch for in terms of workspaces.


Recent research findings have shown that humans are essentially biophilia. This pertains to the innate need to be one with nature. However, due to the long hours spent in the workplace, and workspaces’ enclosed structure, people have a hard time allocating time to spend with the natural environment. Given such, there is a need to bring nature in the workspaces. As one of the emerging trends of 2019, it is becoming a must to include greenery in the workplace. This can be in the form of potted plants or an indoor garden. Although the latter is more expensive to maintain than the former, workers can take their time off and take a short break in the indoor garden. Then again, if you find the indoor garden too costly, you can go for potted plants. Large potted plants can be placed in the corners of the workplace. To further add some greens, place a number of succulents on the top of each desk. Moss walls are also an emerging trend. Instead of walls accentuated with green hues, you can use moss walls instead. These preserved mosses also stand as a viable option due to its cheap cost and low maintenance requirements.

Open Spaces

Initially popularized by newly established tech companies, the idea of coworking office space is to gather various companies in one place. Although situated in one place, each company functions separately from the others. However, as coworking office spaces go with the trend of innovation, it has further evolved into a more open space. With the concept of shared space and shared resources, start-up business owners can meet each other to create collaborations and more innovative ideas. Shared workspaces such as United Co. are equipped with several desks with comfortable chairs and couches where meetings could be held. It also comes with printers, scanners, and other equipment necessary in doing general business.

Lively Walls

In line with the emerging trend of moss walls, workspaces today have started maximizing their walls. Gone are the days when workplaces use dull plain walls. Although some use colourful hues for seemingly livelier walls, workplaces today have further innovated those practices. Instead of the traditional portrait paintings and coloured walls, the workspaces nowadays have employed abstract patterns and geometric forms. Initially, these artworks have been commonly used as house decorations. However, since it is being used for workspace purposes, it has added more personality in the workspace. It creates a different vibe that makes you motivated to report to work daily.

Indeed, workspaces have transformed into something new. Although these are just some of the foreseen trends for 2019, it’s exciting to know what kind of transformation will further transpire in the coming years.

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